Welcome to the Punch Cartoon Page, a project put together by students in History 387: Studies in Victorian Culture and Society: Prejudice and Policy. For a mid-term exercise, in both 1997 and again in 1999, the instructor, Anthony S. Wohl, asked students to select and to present in class two cartoons (1997) and one cartoon (1999) from Punch magazine, a popular British illustrated comic journal, together with a short analysis, to illustrate any aspect of the problems and issues covered to date in the course.
Students were also given the option, in 1997, of writing their end of term research paper, not as a conventional paper, but with this web site in mind. Daniella Eidelberg, Beth Hires, Jennifer Lockwood, and Jennifer Malloy (see Research Papers, below) chose to do so.
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A. S. Wohl is very grateful for the assistance provided by his student assistant Jennifer Kim

PUNCH: For reproduction rights or general information, contact: Miranda Taylor or Amanda-Jane Doran, Punch Cartoon Library, Trevor House, 100 Brompton Road, London, SW3 1ER, England. Telephone: 0171-225-6710/11.

For further information,please contact Professor Wohl at Vassar College or visit Professor Wohl's History Department Home Page or personal Home Page. The Punch Cartoons Page was originally created by John Newbegin and then modified by A. S. Wohl. Special thanks to Kathy Kurosman and Michael Joyce.