For further reading, the following primary works (written at the time) and secondary works (written by historians) are helpful. This is only a partial list--explore your library!

    The Gilded Age U.S. (Overviews)
    Electoral Politics in the 1890s
    Gender and Politics
    The 1896 Campaign
    The Candidates' Lives
    Other Figures in the Campaign
    Issues of the Day
    The South and West
    U.S. Foreign Relations
    Cartoons of the Era
    Web Links


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See also the wonderful primary source material in two CD-ROMs:

The Great American History Machine (College Park, Md.: Academic Software Development Group, University of Maryland, c1995): an interactive atlas with comprehensive census and electoral data (starting in 1790, with some data up to 1950)

Who Built America? by the American Social History Project, published by Voyager, 1992. Contains photographs, newspaper clippings, and a huge array of other documents on working people and economics, politics, social relations, and culture.


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(For additional links on specific subjects, see the theme pages on this site.) The McKinley Era, a project of Ohio State University, includes information on William McKinley and beautiful cartoons by Frank Beard from the Ram's Horn in the late 1890s. Thye Douglass Archives of American Public Address includes the full text of Bryan's "cross of gold" speech and many other examples of political rhetoric from different eras of U.S. history.

The Library of Congress's American Memory site includes every kind of document imaginable: maps, pamphlets, letters, books, speeches, and an enormous collection of photographs.

The Making of America site at the University of Michigan is an enormous archive of journals and books from the era. The link here is to the journal-browsing page.

Kathryn Sklar, Thomas Dublin, and their students have created a wonderful series of projects at SUNY Binghamton, entitled Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930.

The University of North Carolina's Documenting the American South site contains numerous primary sources written by Southern Americans, black and white, men and women.

Duke University's Scriptorum contains a number of interesting exhibits, including 'America Votes: Presidential Campaign Memorabilia,' and 'The Emergence of Advertising in America,1850-1920.' For a different use of the web and political cartoons in teaching history, see the Punch site created by my Vassar colleague Tony Wohl.


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