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    February 27, 1896, People's Advocate: Reading Tillman's Speech
    March 19, People's Advocate: Pitchfork
    April 4, The Ram's Horn: Rescued
    April 15, Sound Money: History Repeats Itself
    April 25, The Ram's Horn: The Stranger at Our Gate

May 28: At the Prohibition party's national convention in Pittsburgh, Maryland's Joshua Levering receives the nomination for president.

June 16: The Republican national convention meets in St. Louis, Missouri. Delegates choose William McKinley of Ohio as the presidential nominee, on a platform advocating high tariffs and maintenance of the gold standard.

    June 21, Denver New Road: Cleveland's Romance
    June 28, L.A. Times: Bucking a Wall

July 4: In New York City, the Socialist Labor party convenes. Charles H. Matchett is nominated for president.

July 11: Democratic National convention begins in Chicago, Illinois. After delivering his "cross of gold" address, William Jennings Bryan of Nebraska wins the nomination on a platform of free silver, with Arthur Sewall as the vice-presidential nominee.

    July 9, Rocky Mountain News: A Soliloquy
    July 11, Harper's Weekly: Gold Bugs
    July 12, L.A. Times: The Old Lady and Her New Wheel
    July 16, People's Advocate: McKinley's Evil Sprit
    July 18, Harper's Weekly: Altgeld and Bryan

July 22: National Silver Party convention meets in St. Louis; the delegates, largely from silver-mining states, vote to support Bryan and Sewall, the Democratic nominees.

July 25: People's Party convention meets in St. Louis; fusionists largely control the convention, which nominates William Jennings Bryan for president, but mid- roaders influence the choice of Thomas E. Watson as vice-presidential nominee-- instead of Sewall--on a platform markedly different than that of the Democrats.

    July 22, Rocky Mountain News: Wall Street's Private Studio
    July 25, Harper's Weekly: Farmer McKinley
    July 25, Judge: The Silver Candle
    July 27, Chicago Record: Bryan's Tightrope
    August 5, Rocky Mountain News: The Plain English of It
    August 6, Sound Money: Spain and Rothschilds

August 8: McKinley officially accepts the Republican nomination in an address at Canton.

    August 9, Denver New Road: Bryan's Romance

August 12: Bryan officially accepts the Democratic nomination in a speech at Madison Square Garden, New York City.

    August 13, American Non-Conformist: Farmer Hanna
    August 15, Rocky Mountain News: Bryan the Lion
    August 16, L.A. Times: Aesop's Fox
    August 18, Rocky Mountain News: Hanna the Wizard
    August 20, Sound Money: The Cross of Gold
    August 20, L.A. Times: Popocratic Witches
    August 22, The Ram's Horn: A Double Burden

August 26: McKinley issues his letter of acceptance of the Republican nomination, outlining his views on the Republican platform.

    August 29, Harper's Weekly: McKinley the Veteran
    August 29, Labor Advocate: Look at This
    August 30, St. Louis Globe Democrat: Dime Museum

September 2: The National (Gold) Democratic convention--made up of Democrats strongly objecting to the silver Democrats' Chicago platform --meets in Indianapolis, Indiana. After sitting President Grover Cleveland, a gold Democrat, declines the nomination, the new party chooses John Palmer as its presidential candidate.

September to November 1: McKinley runs a front-porch campaign at his home in Canton, Ohio.

    September 3, New York Journal: Li Hung Chang
    September 5, Harper's Weekly: The Crown of Thorns
    September 5, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Just the Bare Facts
    September 6, L.A. Times: Comrades in Arms
    September 6, St. Paul Pioneer Press: A Bryan Dollar

September 8: Early election day in Arkansas and Vermont (not all states voted on the first Tuesday in November).

    September 9, Rocky Mountain News: John Bull
    September 10, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Arkansas and Vermont

September 11 to November 1: Bryan travels 13,000 miles by train, stump-speaking around the nation, but devoting most of his energies to the hotly contested states of Michigan, Illonois, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

    September 11, St. Paul Pioneer Press: The Divorcee
    September 11, St. Louis Globe Democrat: Uncle Sam Diagnoses
    September 12, Labor Advocate: Their Argument Misses Fire
    September 12, The Ram's Horn: Building Up His Business
    September 12, Harper's Weekly: Populist Supreme Court
    September 12, New York Journal : Hanna's Funds
    September 13, Boston Globe: The Silver Dog
    September 13, L.A. Times: Uncle Sam's Circus
    September 14, L.A. Times: Populist Pandora
    September 14, Rocky Mountain News: Playing Upon a Single String
    September 17, Rocky Mountain News: Chinese Immigration
    September 18, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Against Turkey
    September 18, Rocky Mountain News: A Horrible Suspicion
    September 19, Judge: Bryan's Cross
    September 19, Labor Advocate: How They Love The Farmers
    September 19, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Election-Year Friend
    September 20, Boston Globe: Writ of Replevin'
    September 20, L.A. Times: Populist Delilah
    September 20, L.A. Times: Two Laboring Men
    September 20, L'Abeille de Nouvelle Orleans: The Sultan Laughs
    September 20, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: John Bull's Theft
    September 21, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The Robber And His Victim
    September 24, L.A. Times: Resurrecting Secession
    September 24. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Treachery
    September 25, Daily Inter-Ocean: Democratic Jonah
    September 26, Harper's Weekly: Silver Bullfight
    September 26, L.A. Times: For Sale
    September 26, National Reflector: Rings On The Hog
    September 26, Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Bicyclist Bryan
    September 29, L.A. Times: Poor Circulation
    October 1, Pioneer Press: Silver Trust Hog
    October 3, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Workingman's Friend
    October 4, Raleigh New and Observer: Hanna and Dixon

October 6: Election Day in the state of Florida (not all states voted on the first Tuesday in November).

    October 6, Chicago Times: X-Ray of Bryan's Brain
    October 6, Pioneer Press: Silver Conversation
    October 6, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Florida's Lifeline
    October 8, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Democratic Florida
    October 8, New York Journal: Confident Hanna
    October 10, Harper's Weekly: Three Witches
    October 10, The Coming Nation: The Worker's Treadmill
    October 11, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Resurrection
    October 13, New York Journal: Hanna and Workers
    October 13, St. Louis Globe Democrat: Bryan as Jack Cade
    October 13, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The Gold Balloon
    October 15, Coxey's Sound Money: Uncle Sam Enslaved
    October 15, Rocky Mountain News: Elected McKinley
    October 16, Boston Globe: Bryan the Salesman
    October 17, Coming Nation: Labor Exploitation
    October 20, L.A. Times: Burning Cross of Gold
    October 21, The Coming Nation: Socialism
    October 22, Sound Money: The Old Party Scale
    October 22, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Hanna's Crown of Thorns
    October 24, Harper's Weekly: Altgeld and Guiteau
    October 25, Daily Inter-Ocean: Bryan's Balloon
    October 25, Omaha World Herald: Getting Women to Register
    October 27, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Hanna, Trusts, and Morgan
    October 28, Puck: A New Civil War
    October 30, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Hanna in Lehigh Valley

October 31: Responding to a call from Republican chairman Mark Hanna, Republican's celebrate the Saturday before the election as "Flag Day," declaring Republicanism the only "partiotic" choice. At the request of their party leaders, Democrats and Populists also celebrate "Flag Day," arguing that the flag should not be the property of one party.

    October 31, Harper's Weekly: Democratic Wind-Up Toys
    October 31, New York Journal: Buncombe Brigade
    October 31, The Ram's Horn: Ignorance, Stupidity, and Fraud

November 2: William McKinley wins the presidential election, becoming the 25th President of the United States.

    November 2, L.A. Times: Clown Bryan
    November 4, L'Abeille de Nouvelle Orleans: Knock-Out Punch
    November 4, St. Paul Pioneer Press: Elephant on the Silver Pillow
    November 5, Sound Money: Prediction for 1900
    November 14, Judge: Republican Tam O'Shanter
    November 14, Coming Nation: Our Farmers Situation
    December, Overland Monthly: Uncle Sam Looks Abroad


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