Compiled by Sara Lehrhoff, Vassar '99

In all elections, spirit and enthusiasm is necessary to gain votes. The Vassar women knew this, and participated in it wholeheartedly. The following pro-McKinley songs appeared in the 1897 Vassarion with a portrait of the new President.

Tune: "Marching Through Georgia"

(A Civil War tune)
Here's to our McKinley
May his platform long hold sway!
Down with William Bryan,
For the gold will win the day,
Democrats and Popocrats had better run away.
Raise high the banner of freedom!

Tune: "First tell them that you saw me"

Just vote for Mr. Palmer
And he will do the rest
Then everything will be all right, you know,
Just hurry, if you get a chance to register at home
And halt the cause that were four years ago

from The Vassarion, 1897

Tune: "This is a tavern in our town"

There is a man in Canton town, Canton town,
Whose wit and wisdom are renowned, are renowned,
And now we hope he'll set us free,
From Billy B. and poverty!

Tune: "Solomon Levi"

Hurrah for brave McKinley
For Garret Hobart true!
A ballot that is cast for them
Is cast for freedom, too.
Prosperity, Protection,
We're going to vote them in.
We'll carry the election,
McKinley's going to win!

from The Vassarion, 1897

Tune: "John Brown's Body"

Bury Billy Bryan in his own silver-mine.
Bury Billy Bryan in his own silver-mine.
Bury Billy Bryan in his own silver-mine.
As we go marching on!

Menu for Silverites Banquet.

McKinley in the Soup.

Stewed green fish, a la Hobart.
McKinley on the half-shell.

Gold Democrats. Disapprobation Sauce.

1. Roasted Platforms. St. Louis Garniture.
2. Stewed Tariff. a la Protection.
3. John Bull roasted whole. Seasoned with non-imitation.

Hashed-browned Gold Bugs.
Squashed Republican Hopes.

Floating Democracy in sea of prosperity.
Angel Food. Recipe from Mrs. Bryan's own cook-book.
(Gold and Silver) Cake.

Flow of Oratory.
Extract of Patriotism.
Wine of Success.

--from The Vassarion, 1897


© 2000, Rebecca Edwards, Vassar College