Elizabeth Bishop Society


To encourage interest in the work of Elizabeth Bishop among the reading public; to promote the study of her career through the organizing of conferences and special sessions at professional meetings, and through the publication of a twice-yearly newsletter, The Elizabeth Bishop Bulletin; to foster fellowship and the exchange of ideas among Bishop scholars.


In order to join the Bishop Society, please send a check for the annual dues of $5.00 ($3.00 for students), or 20$ for a 5-year subscription to:

Gary Fountain English Department 350 Muller Center Ithaca, NY 14850-7281

Canadian members are asked to pay in US funds by postal money order. Please include the following information:

Name Address (Optional: Telephone, E-Mail, Fax) Affiliation.

Please indicate whether this is a new membership, a renewal, a student membership, or a five-year membership. Members will receive The Elizabeth Bishop Bulletin.


The Elizabeth Bishop Bulletin includes announcements of and reports on scholarly meetings, celebrations, and other activities pertaining to Bishop's life and work, reviews and surveys of the scholarship, and brief essays and memoirs about the poet. It is published twice yearly and sent to members of the Elizabeth Bishop Society. The Elizabeth Bishop Bulletin is edited by Barbara Page.

Publishing history

  • 1.1 (Spring 1992);
  • 1.2 (Winter 1992);
  • 2.1 (Summer 1993);
  • 2.2 (Winter 1993);
  • 3.1 (Summer 1994);
  • 3.2 (Winter 1994);
  • 4.1,2 (Winter 1995);
  • 5.1 (Summer 1996);
  • 5.2 (Winter 1996);
  • 6.1 (Summer 1997);
  • 6.2 (Winter 1997);
  • 7.1 (Summer 1998);
  • 7.2 (Winter 1999);
  • 8.1 (Summer 1999);
  • 8.2 (Winter 2000).

Advisory Board

Nova Scotian Bishop Society


Membership in The Elizabeth Bishop Society of Nova Scotia is available for $8.00 per year or $20.00 for three years (Canadian funds). Either membership entitles the holder to take full voting part in the Society's deliberations and to receive the Newsletter for free.

For information about joining The Elizabeth Bishop Society of Nova Scotia, contact:

Elizabeth Bishop Society of Nova Scotia P.O. Box 138 Great Village, Nova Scotia B0M 1L0 Canada


The EBSNS Newsletter is published twice yearly in the Spring and Fall.

Publishing history:

  • 1(1), Fall 1994;
  • 2(1), Spring 1995;
  • 2(2), Fall 1995.

Subscription is by membership in the Society or $5.00 Canadian per year, made payable to the Elizabeth Bishop Society of Nova Scotia.

Editor: Brian Bartlett English Department Saint Mary's University Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3C3

Associate Contributing Editors: Jeffery Donaldson, John Barnstead

Editorial Assistant: Sandra Murphy

Phone: (902) 893-6725

Fax: (902) 897-9399

Contributions to the Newsletter, or suggestions for its contents are most welcome. Please contact Ms. Murphy about either.


To order any of the publications listed below, contact:

Treasurer P.O. Box 138 Great Village, N.S. BOM 1L0 Canada

  • Thomas Travisano, Expulsion From Paradise: Elizabeth Bishop, 1927-1957. Jolicure, New Brunswick: Anchorage Press, 1995. $10.00 Canadian, postage paid.
  • "The First Elizabeth Bishop Memorial Lecture: Presented in Great Village on June 9, 1995."
  • "Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) and Nova Scotia." Prepared by the EBSNS, 1994. Pamphlet.
  • "Great Village and Elizabeth Bishop." Prepared by the EBSNS, 1995. Pamphlet.